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I'm not crying. You're crying! Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are amazing as always! Every picture tells a story and every emotion is played out suspended in time forever. I searched for photographers for months and your work resonated with me, & I’m so glad that it did. 

We wouldn’t have the memories of the people we love so HAPPY without your help, so thank you. Your photos will help me cherish these memories and share these memories for years to come. ❤️ You are the very best at what you do.



I have no words. My heart is exploding! It’s like you just made it all real. Seeing those pictures, I mean I hold him all day and night but seeing those pictures just made it all so real. Thank you so much!



OMG I love them all so much! They are truly unbelieveable. Thank you both so so much!! I'm blown away!!

Jake and Candi, I know you two probably hear this a lot. But thank you. Your abilities we knew were very good from seeing your stuff online. However you have 100% exceeded our expectations in photography, service and friendship. To call you both just photographers would be to miss everything else that makes you so outstanding. Thanks for being a part of our lives, our love, and our future. You both are such wonderful people and we look forward to being able to spend more time with you.

-Conner and Kaylee



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