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Think about your lifetime. How many digital media storage solutions have you seen? Floppy disks? CDs? DVDs? Hard drives? Flash drives? Cloud based solutions? Those are the big ones we can remember in our lifetime, and that's not that long all things considered. Sure, it's great to get all the digital images to store forever. But what happens when the method used to store those digitals no longer exists. Trust me, it'll happen some day. You'll have everything conveniently backed up on a hard drive only to lose it in a move or spill a cup of coffee on it. Or maybe you store everything on a cloud based solution? What happens when that platform stops existing? Honestly, we don't want to know.

You know the one media that will last forever? A book. A book that you can leave out on your coffee table to look at from time to time, to show friends and loved ones who couldn't attend your wedding without needing to find your laptop, your hard drive, and your power cord (because if you're like us, then your laptop is probably dead right now.)

I know what you're thinking. "But I don't have the time to download the images, sort through them, find a company who makes a high-quality book, design all the spreads, make the payment, and hope the book I selected is the quality I wanted." We get it. And everyone that says "I'll just do it later." is only kicking the can down the road until you ultimately forget to do it, and hopefully the digital data is backed up in every way possible so total loss never happens. 

But what if we told you it was easy. All you have to do is select your favorite images and we'll do the rest? Seriously. You tell us your favorite images and we'll work to design the spreads, letting you review and make any comments or suggestions as often as you'd like. Then we'll work with our favorite professional lab, who we have lots of terrific experiences with, and you'll have the album in your hands in no time.


At the end of the day, we just want you to have an heirloom that will stand the test of time, and something you can look at with future generations for the rest of your lives and beyond. 

"Sounds great, but what's it look like?"

Good question, here are some images of a book we created and delivered for one of our wedding clients.

Hey There

"Looks easy enough. But what will I see during the review process?" 

You'll receive a link to a digital album proofing site where you can turn page by page and comment on each spread individually.

At the end, all you have to do is submit your comments or approve the design. We'll handle the rest.

Here's what the album proofing page-turn looks like:

"Ok, I'm sold. What are the details of the album and what's it cost?"

We like to keep things simple. All of our albums are a 12" x 12" hardcover, 25-spread book.

The pages are thick (as a dime) and each spread lays perfectly flat for the best viewing.


The cost is $300, but the value it provides is priceless. And if you have a hard time narrowing down the images, we can add additional spreads for $40/5 spreads.  

If this is something you are interested in, let us know and we'll include the cost in your contract and invoicing, it's that simple.

Want to learn more?  Feel free to contact us!

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