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Shayna + Cash + Ziggy

From the moment this session started, we knew it was going to be a good one. Shayna and Cash have a remarkable love that is undeniable. It was evident the first time we framed them through the lens. We didn't have to tell them how to pose, or what to say, they just looked at each other lovingly and smiled, laughed, and felt all the feels. It's a rare session where we have very few photos (maybe 2 to be exact) where both people are looking at the camera. And that's ok, because they were just too focused on each other to worry about what we were doing.

Oh and Ziggy! How could we forget about her. She might be the most adorable little goldendoodle ever. And we're not just saying that because she looks just like Copper. She was such a ham and loved having her photo taken!

As we ended the session, we walked to the end of the Town of Kansas Bridge, where a lookout over the Missouri River is adorned with Love Locks. We surprised Shayna and Cash with their own lock for them to put their wedding date on, lock to the bridge, and throw away the key. They ended the session with a dance at the end of the bridge.

Stay tuned for future photos of these two as we travel to Louisiana in December to capture their wedding day!

Location: Berkley Riverfront Park and Town of Kansas Bridge, Kansas City, Missouri

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