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Garrett & Emily

For Garrett and Emily's engagement session, we flew to Denver, Colorado and we drove to the Winter Park area where Emily's parents live. Because we had a weekend with them, we were able to go to different locations with different backdrops. We started in the ski village of Winter Park where the businesses were gearing up for opening weekend. We then did sunset by Emily's parent's house overlooking the mountain and even snapped some close up with the neighbor's cattle. The next morning, we woke up, had them crack some beers and enjoy that morning glow by the fire pit. We then spent the day visiting breweries and enjoying the day together. As the sun started setting, we went to a local lumber yard and had some fun with the large stacks of lumber. Emily and Garrett were up for anything and allowed us capture exactly what we were envisioning. We ended the session at last light down the street from Emily's parents. We got a few photos of Garrett's beloved Toyota 4-Runner and finished with the mountain in the background. We couldn't have asked for a more fun or adventurous engagement session. It helped that we weren't under any time restraint and Emily's parents were the most gracious of hosts. Sessions like this are exactly why we do what we do.



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