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Baby Brooks

We had the pleasure of photographing our friends, Nick and Laura, and their newborn, Brooks, in their new home in Lee's Summit. Along with the wonderful sunlight that poured into their living room, we also got to photograph one of the cutest nurseries I've ever seen. Every detail seemed so well thought out and had a story. From the Bob Dylan quote on the wall, to the ABC poster that said "I ❤️ U" when looking from a certain angle, to the embroidered bears that Nick's grandma made when he was a boy. Everything fit together so nicely. I also enjoyed the stolen glances between Nick and Laura. No matter how tired they may have been, you could tell they were so excited to have started out this journey together as parents.

Jake and I are honored that our friends chose us to capture this important moment in their lives. We're so excited for them and we can't wait to watch Brooks grow.

P.S. Make sure you scroll to the last image!

Location: Lee's Summitt, Missouri

In 1985, Steven Brand held Nick Brand, and in 2017, Nick Brand held Brooks Steven Brand, wearing a 1985 t-shirt and a mustache to match.

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